Yoga and Meditation as Therapies for COVID-19

Thought pioneers and specialists from MIT, Harvard, UC San Diego, and even Deepak Chopra himself as of late worked together on an ideal survey article to feature the reasoning and critical need to investigate option and reciprocal treatments for battling COVID-19. This convincing story survey closes “certain reflection, yoga asana (stances), and pranayama (breathing) rehearses … Read more

Bhujangasana Yoga Benefits and Step by Step Guide

Bhujangasana looks like a snake with its hood raised. Bhujangasana is articulated as BHU-Jung-AAHS-uh-nuh. Bhujangasana or Cobra present is a leaning back-bowing and part of the arrangement of yoga poses in Padma Sadhana and Sun Salutation. Allow us to discover how to do bhujangasana yoga effectively, its advantages, and designated spots to make the present … Read more

Top 5 Amazing Yoga Poses to Increase Height

Is it accurate to say that you are discontent with your stature? Did you not experience moderate development spray during pubescence? Is your appearance affecting your certainty level in a negative manner? Yoga can be the arrangement! It is as yet conceivable to expand your tallness even after pubescence by rehearsing certain yoga asanas consistently. … Read more

Most useful 10 Yoga Poses for Back Pain

For the greater part of our lives, we underestimate our backs. Yet, eventually in pretty much everybody’s life, our backs revolt and advise us that they need love and consideration as well. Fortunately, for a large number of us, the agony is just transitory. Yet, for other people, it tends to be considerably more crippling—and … Read more

Diet must need to know for the Yoga lovers

Simply take a snappy look inside the kitchen of Ayurvedic instructor and yoga educator Scott Blossom’s Berkeley, California, home. In the storeroom, you’ll discover ghee and sunflower seed spread, in addition to many spices, flavors, and teas. In the ‘cooler, groups of kale, carrots, and beets. On the counters, containers of handcrafted jams, natural crude … Read more