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About Songs320kbps (YogaUCan)

Hey there, Welcome to Songs320kbps. My name is Gurpreet Singh. I’m a Professional Blogger, Yoga Trainer, and an Online Yoga Podcaster. Here, I blog about Health Tips, Yoga Guide, and help people live healthy lives.

Our objective is to provide visitors in-depth Yoga knowledge and a diet chart. We love Yoga and yoga Benefits. We are passionate about helping our readers and visitors to provides the right information and make a huge Yoga family 2021.

We all know due to COVID-19 everyone worry about his/her health and everything is closed in this pandemic (Parks, Gym, Yoga Points). Our Team design this website to make a easy yoga at home with family to life healthy.

Our Staff

Gurpreet Singh , Founder

Gurpreet Singh is the founder of Songs320kbps. He started the site in 2020 when the COVID-19 Pandemic comes into the world and everyone is stress and working about health. You can reach him on @gurp_brar.

Isha Hatha, Editor

Isha Hatha Yoga

Isha Hatha has been writing about yoga Tips for a few years now. She has previously written for the NutritionFacts and Yoga Journal. Right from her childhood, she has been intrigued by health and loves to motivate peoples regarding health. When not writing about yoga, you can find her lurking on Twitter @ishahathayoga or doing yoga.